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Temp staffing is an employment relationship between an Outsourcing Client Company, an HR Services provider, like NaukriZone and an employee. Under this arrangement, the HR Services Provider - NaukriZone enters into a master agreement with the Outsourcing Client Company. This contract dictates the service levels promised to the Client Company and benefits the Services provider will provide to the employees. A separate contract is entered into between each employee and NaukriZone. This contract enumerates the compensation and benefits that an employee enjoys during his tenure of his contract. This contract may be fixed term or open term depending on the client requirement. And based on the requirement request that a client raises, NaukriZone Source the right people, to take on these required roles. Training, induction, and necessary resources, where required, are provided by NaukriZone. From incorporated 2000 .we are running around 100 of Project in Govt. and Semi Govt. Contract & Private Companies under Haryana, Punjab,and DelhiRegion. Presence Felt in North India.

Successful Story of Staffing Under The Unit of Shree Shyam Enterprises

Govt. Staffing

Govt. Medical College Sector 32-B Chandigarh 1 June 2010 to 30 May 2013. Civil Hospital Kurukshetra 10Dec 2009 to till Date. Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra 22 Feb 2010 to till Date. ESIC Hospital Faridabad,Sonipat,Gurgaon 12 Nov2008 to till Date. ESIC Hospital Rewari,Bahudargarh,Rohtak 12 Nov2008 to till Date Muncipal Corporation Gurgaon 08 Sep 2008 to till Date. Huda ZimKhana Club Gurgaon,Rewari 16 Feb 2008 to till Date. Gurgaon Nagar Nigam 31 Dec 2008 to till Date. HVPN Karnal , Kaithal , Sonipat,Panipat,KUK,01 Jun 2010 to 31st Dec2010. HVPN Ambala , YamunaNagar , Panchkula 01 Jun 2010 to 31st Dec2010. Kendriya LokNirman Department Faridabad 24 March 2009 to till Date.

Private Staffing

Escorts Limited, Faridabad 1st July 2007 to till Date. SIETZ Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Faridabad 1 April 2008 to till Date. JCB Faridabad 1 Nov 2008 to till Date. E.R Enterprises Pvt Limited Faridabad 12 Oct 2007 to till Date. Imperial Auto Industries Limited Faridabad 01 Oct 2007 to till Date. Good Year Limited Faridabad 26 Apr 2007 to till Date. Oriennt Fan Faridabad 01 Jan 2008 to till Date. S.J Enterprises Faridabad 01 Jan2000 to till Date.

These all staffing are in Under Working Head of Unit Shree Shyam Enterprises that is entrepreneurship of NaukriZone Management Services.

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